M.tro Luigi Ottaviani
Costruction and repair of Double Basses
Expertise e stime
Perito Tecnico del Tribunale di Roma
Via Cernaia 20 – 00185 Roma
Tel. e Fax. 0039/(0) 6 485790
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Construction and repair of double basses, expertise and qualified technical export of the law-court of Rome
He graduated in double-bass after studying violin, viola and composition. Orchestra member from 68 to 78.
Start the activity of liutist in 1970 and constructed up to 2004, seventy double basses of very high quality.
He has been restoring, sceening and estimating thousands of ancient and modern instruments.
He is a member of the association “Liutai Italiani di Cremona” (A.L.I.). Since 1985 he is part of the export college of the A.N.L.A.I. (established by Prof. Pasqualini) as an expert in ancient and modern double basses.
Since 1994 he is qualified technical expert at the Law-Court of Rome and carries – out valuations, screenings and sworn expertise.
Many Italian and foreigner musicians, play on instruments made by him (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, French, Spanish, American and Japanese) among which the America concert player Gary Karr (who bought two of this D/basses), the principal player of the RAI orchestra of Rome, Franco Fraioli and the solo player of the “Solisti Aquilani” group Massimo Giorgi.
Many conservatories such as the ones of Rome, Campobasso, l’Aquila, Pescara, Livorno, Mantova and Vicenza avail themselves of his work.
Lately he has written a revolutionary treatise about the construction of the d/bass next to be published.
In 2004 he has held a broadcast cycle on “The history of (liute makers) making stringed instruments” for the Vatican radio to which will now follow a cycle about double-bass history and literature from its origin to nowadays always held by himself.